Space For A Growing Community

Mississauga is home to a rapidly growing Muslim population that is far exceeding the capacity of the city’s existing Islamic institutions. One has to simply look at the parking situation of various masajid during Friday prayers to see this demographic truth come to life.

With a total size of 2.5 acres, the ICCO will offer around 1900 square meters of usable space as well as a sizeable parking lots that is sure to take some pressure off of surrounding masajid during peak parking times.

Catering To The Youth

Another issue facing the Muslim population of Mississauga, particularly the youth, is a lack of accessible and open spaces where their recreational, educational, and spiritual growth can foster during their free time. Building a professionally-designed, fully featured and welcoming centre for and with the assistance of our youth has been a primary objective of the ICCO project since its early inception.

The Functionality Our Sisters Deserve

Great care and effort has went into ensuring the ICCO affords the females in our community the comfort, privacy and functionality they deserve. Our Hijab Free Zone will include a fitness studio, a gymnasium, a shower equipped change room and a private prayer area which connects to the main Musalla. This private section of the Musalla will also serve as a relaxing space where mothers can look after their children if the need arises.  in addition to the Hijab Free Zone, the ICCO's Lecture Room, Banquet Hall and Youth Centre will be fully dividable which gives these already fully featured spaces an added functionality of privacy.