ICCO Programs

The ICCO programs and activities are designed to connect the Muslims in Ontario with their Muslim community & Islamic values.



the ICCO Masjid hold the five Gama'a prayers daily, You can find our updated IQAMA Timings on the right sidebar of the website.


The ICCO  hold the Jumaa khutba and prayer every Friday , you can find our updated Timings on the right sidebar of the website.

Monthly Qyam Night

3rd Saturday of every month



Quraan School - ALOTROJAH For Quran Studies

Al-Otrojah is a Quran school that offers classes for adults and kids (Starting from 3 Years old). We have different programs like Memorizing, Tarteel, Noranyah, Kids Programs, summer camps, and Teachers Training courses. All of Our Programs have Tajweed Curriculum and simple Meanings of the Ayat plus the like verses. And We also have different locations across Canada. For more info click here

Friday Family Night

A program of fun and knowledge for the whole family. On Friday night . Join us for Food , fun , knowledge and socialization. For more info click here

MAC Halaqas

The MAC Halaqa help people elevate themselves spiritually & soften their hearts, and expand their circles and make new friends.

Surat Al-Kahf Recitation

Every Thursday after Maghrib Prayer


Summer Camps, One day Camps &  workshops (Rmadan-Hajj)