Why we need the ICCO?

The Muslim Community in Mississauga and surrounding cities is in a dire need for the Islamic Community Centre of Ontario project.  In addition to the existing large Muslim community, the GTA receives significant number of immigrants every year causing a major gap in services and institutions to support them. 

The objective of the ICCO project is to build a welcoming institution that will service the community and protect the Muslim identify of our children, families and community; as a result  establish an Islamic presence in Canada that is balanced, constructive, and integrated, though distinct, in the social fabric and culture of Canada.

The ICCO project is unique and different than other masajid and centers in the GTA.  Most existing masjids server as a locally based institution to serve those Muslims who live within a small radius of the masjid.  However, the spirit of our ICCO institution is to provide programs and services for Muslims right across the GTA.

The ICCO will include the largest MAC Youth Centre hosting a full recreation centre and youth club.  A large group of youth are involved with our team to help propose a design for the youth centre and will work directly with architects to build a one of a kind youth institution that will server hundreds of youth Inshallah.