Tell me about the new ICCO!

The Islamic Community Centre of Ontario (ICCO) was a project established in 1997 with the scope of a masjid, recreation centre, banquet hall and school.

To date MAC has fulfilled its promise of the school with great success, by the will of Allah SWT, through the Olive Grove School.  The organization is now completing its promise to implement the Masjid, recreation centre and the banquet hall through its newly purchased location at 2550 Dunwin Drive near Winston Churchill and Dundas in Mississauga.

Our new Location is a 2.5 acre property with an existing 20,000 SF building.  The building has a 24’ clearing allowing for two floors Inshallah. 

The property was purchased for $3,200,000.  After closing costs and tax the final price is $3,716,000.  This closing is September 30, 2013.  MAC has a dedicated fund for the ICCO of $1,000,000 and this is ready Inshallah.  The remaining amount of $2,716,000 must be collected with the generous support of the community.

We estimate a renovation cost of $3,000,000 and we are already in the process of engaging an architect and engineers to plan this process.

The project will host the following facilities:

·         Masjid

·         Gym

·         Fitness Centre

·         Youth Club

·         Banquet Hall

·         Community Support Services Office

The ICCO will provide the following services:

·         5 daily prayers

·         Friday prayer

·         Taraweeh prayer

·         Dawah programs

·         Community Lectures and Classes

·         Youth programs

·         Chilren programs

·         Sport programs

·         Family programs

·         Tarbiya and Leadership training

·         Family support services

·         Banquet services