Logo Competition

Design the ICCO logo!

While the old logo served its purpose, with a new ICCO we want to present a new logo that will illustrate what the ICCO is all about. To do this we will be having a logo submission competition open to everyone and the best logo will be selected as the official ICCO logo displayed everywhere. Submit your logos by sending an email to icco@macnet.ca. You can see the latest submissions online via the Mac Mississauga Facebook Page.



The ICCO logo should embody the concept of community and Islam. Most of the submissions we’ve received so far are either a masjid, or just a play on the four letters I C C and O. The logo doesn’t have to be any of these, don’t be scared to do some creative and unique. 


Whatever logo we decide to finally use has to go on all our print materials, ads, banners, web pages and even contracts. Simply put, it has to be versatile. Flat logos are better than gradients; the image needs to look good whether it’s big, small, colored, black and white and so on. Could your submission be engraved easily or is it too intricate? Can be printed on a transparent surface? Do the colors clash with a white background or a black one?


This contest is open to any sort of submissions. Whether you’ve made a 3D render or drawn it out with pencil crayons, if we like it we will ask for more. We are however looking for something special in a logo and would love to see something impressive. Please note that any logos submitted are considered to be entitled to be used by MAC and MAC affiliates and all intellectual property rights will be waived. But don’t worry; you’ll receive recognition for your good work.

What is the ICCO?

The Islamic Community Centre of Ontario was once a focal point for community activity in the GTA, and it was more than just a place of worship. It brought together Muslims from all over Toronto to enjoin in prayer, recreation, education and celebration. For families it was a great way to keep in touch with other Muslims, and for the youth it was a centre for guidance, activity and knowledge. I was one of the youth that grew up in that era. For us, the ICCO was an integral part of our lifestyle and in its absence it was sorely missed. This year we have the opportunity to give back by creating this community centre and making it a gift for future generations.

The ICCO was more than just a place of worship; it was the heartbeat of the Islamic Community.